Hungarian Defence Review Online

Call for papers

The Editorial Board of Hungarian Defence Review welcomes all papers, based on new research results, analysing any aspect of the priority topics listed below, in the issues appearing in 2020/2021.

1. The change of the organisational culture of the Hungarian Defence Forces in the light of the defence industrial developments. 

2. Digital soldier – How does warfare change, and what effects do new devices put into service due to technological developments (individual armament, signal systems, digital display systems) have on soldiers’ survivability and destruction capability? The impact of exoskeleton, individual energy supply, AR/VR systems helping decision-making process, smart arms, swarm-level autonomous systems on the combat capability of soldiers

3. The impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on warfare. Environmental sensing of autonomous systems, digital image sensing, command and control systems, cyber defence in the light of artificial intelligence developments, civil air traffic control capabilities development

4. The effects of drone swarming and the proliferation of autonomous systems on warfare, on strategy and on military thinking. National Drone Competence Centre (VTOL), drones detection and response systems

5. Innovation ecosystem. How can universities and small-scale industrial actors get involved in the development of the armed forces? The components of the defence innovation ecosystem, the tasks of the individual system elements

6. Automated systems. The changes of the operational requirements of automated systems in the light of the technological developments. Cyber defence of autonomous vehicles, autonomous off-road capacity development (UGS), Platform for the transportation of squad-level equipment

7. Warfare in the unconventional battlefield. Challenges and possibilities of information battlespace, the role and importance of information warfare in today’s conflicts. National drones competence centre (VTOL), the characteristics of the civil and defence drone-pilot training, field detection – digital maps and displays, development of simulation systems and the usability AR/VR applications in simulation

8. Cognitive development: Super soldiers? The challenges and potentials of the soldiers’ mental skills development. Human-machine teaming in the battlefield. Cognitive development projects of the digital soldier, battlefield nutrition improvement projects

We request an abstract of up to 2000 keystrokes of the planned paper in advance, addressed to the Secretary of the Editorial Board (Capt Róbert STOHL PhD, Stohl.Robert@hm.gov.hu). The submissions are evaluated by the Editorial Board, and the submitter will be notified of the decision.

The accepted abstract however, does not mean the automatic publication of the writing – the final decision of the publication of papers is made in the knowledge of the final text of the completed study, following its professional peer-review process. The Editorial Board of the Hungarian Defence Review