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Maj Gen Romulusz Ruszin-Szendi PhD

Major General Romulusz Ruszin-Szendi PhD had committed early to the defence of the homeland: at the age of 14 he had prepared for his profession in the Lenkey János Honvéd Kollégium in Eger. From there a straight path led to the Military College in Szentendre, from where he earned a diploma “tripos” as an artillery officer and geodetic engineer, and thanks to his results he could begin his career as a 1st lieutenant at the MLRS Artillery Regiment in Tapolca. His long military career filled with events and achievements – after having served in Pécs, Székesfehérvár, Tata, Szolnok, Budapest – led to Debrecen, then back again to Budapest, this time to the Ministry of Defence.

In the meantime he constantly trained himself: he received a university degree and a doctorate from the Zrínyi Miklós National Defence University, parallel with this he received a senior military qualification, a Master’s degree in Strategic Studies at the United States Army War College, but his capabilities were enriched among others with a special capability at the Course of the US Joint Special Operation University.

In terms of his basic qualification he is an artillery officer, but as the chief-of-staff of a battalion, as the deputy commander and as the acting head of G-3 in the Hungarian Defence Forces, he was the creator of a newly developed special operation capability, then as the Commander of the only Light Infantry (Airmobile) Battalion he could prove his preparedness, and finally he stood his ground at the head of the infantry brigade.

He served as a platoon-commander, as a deputy battery commander, as a senior officer, G-3 operations, assigned and independent chief-of-staff of a battalion, as a deputy commander and commander at several units, but he prepared decisions also at the strategic level as the Acting Chief-of-J-3, General Staff, and now he works as the head of Secretariat of the Minister of Defence of Hungary. Major General Romulusz Ruszin PhD was the Deputy State Secretary for Human Policy of the Minister of Defence. He was appointed major general in 31th of May, 2021.

Now he’s the Commander of the Hungarian Defence Forces, but he demonstrated his capabilities in Iraq as well, where he had to mentor an Iraqi battalion with a special operations team, and in Afghanistan, where as the Commander of the HUN PRT he was responsible besides his own work for the co-ordination of the tasks of all NATO forces as a NATO senior officer.

He enjoys playing sports in his free time and – to the delight of his colleagues – also during the time of service, where he introduced the institution of brigade running. Another great passion of his is parachuting, and he is the president of the Europe-, world-cup, and world champion target parachute jumping association.

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