Honvéd Altiszti Folyóirat

Col. Dr. Zoltán Jobbágy

associate professor, FMSOT vice dean for international affairs

After studying at the Kossuth Lajos Military College in Szentendre (1987–1990) he studied at the University of the Federal Armed Forces – Helmut Schmidt University in Hamburg (1992–1996) and the University of Economic Science in Budapest (1997–2000).

Following a successful application to the University of the Bundeswehr. He received a PhD. in social and behavioural science at Leiden University in Leiden, the Netherlands in 2009. This degree was nostrificated as PhD. in military science by the Zrínyi Miklós National Defence University in Budapest, Hungary in 2010. He successfully habilitated in military science at the National University of Public Service in 2017.

His research area is military operational and human resource management aspects of allied joint operations. He prefers research with inter- and multidisciplinary character for which he blends military theory with insights coming from complex adaptive system theory, causation theory, population genetics, and anthropology.

He is a member of the NATO Science for Peace and Security Programme‘s Independent Scientific Evaluation Group. He is the Academic Lead for Bosnia-Herzegovina, and a member of NATO’s Education Development Working Group. His tours of duty abroad include officer in charge in Cyprus in (2000–2001) personnel management in Bosnia-Hercegovina (2008–2009), military assistant to the Chief of Staff ISAF RC N in Afghanistan (2011–2012). He was chief liaison officer in Germany (2013–2014).

In his current position he serves as vice dean for international affairs at the Faculty of Military Science and Officer Training, University of Public Service – Ludovika.