Leadership Challenges in the 21st Century: The Future of Integrated Leadership Approaches


  • Dr. Porkoláb Imre dandártábornok


leadership, integrated leadership, holacracy, ambidexterity, organizational transformation, cynefin, lean, agile


In his article, the author argues that in the contemporary complex our organizational and leadership methods are quickly becoming obsolete. He takes us through the leadership theory development of the last century and focuses on the newest leadership trends, where every organization has to make sure to treat all personnel as potential leaders and provide them opportunities to grow and learn. Such circumstances preclude direct hierarchical-bureaucratic supervision, and leadership must rely on the expertise of employees with selective skill-sets and experiences. The author presents an integrated approach to leadership, and suggests that understanding, developing and practicing integrated leadership will better prepare all leaders to handle difficult situations under pressure.

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Dr. Porkoláb Imre dandártábornok

is currently serving as NATO Supreme Allied Commander Transformation’s representative to the Pentagon. His duties include aligning US and NATO ACT efforts with the Joint Staff, DoD, as well as liaising with the Think Tank community in Washington DC. As a Special Forces officer by trade, he has done operational tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and has served in the Hungarian Defence Forces at different command and leadership positions. He holds three master’s degrees (International Relations, Military Leadership and Defence Analysis) and a PhD. His research includes organizational transformation and change leadership.


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Porkoláb, I. (2021). Leadership Challenges in the 21st Century: The Future of Integrated Leadership Approaches. Honvédségi Szemle – Hungarian Defence Review, 145(1), 58–78. Elérés forrás https://kiadvany.magyarhonvedseg.hu/index.php/honvszemle/article/view/502

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